Damià Abella

Honesty in effort,
in life and in sports

Vision, preparation and intensity are the attributes of a sport that is also a mental challenge and requires the focus of a person to join everyone’s efforts and form a winning team.

I have trained as a professional coach through the Catalonian Soccer Federation and I am currently the coordinator of the Men’s Catalonian Grassroots (FCF).

I strive to be better every day. I take that back. I work every day of my life and I have worked to be better.

Over the years of my professional career as a player, I tried, with the help of a sports psychologist, to make the most of my strengths in personal and professional relations.

I studied a degree in Marketing and Market Research for a year and a half at UOC. I am currently studying for a degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, which I will finish in the summer of 2020.